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Flights in Progress

Welcome to our live ACARS flight tracking activity page. Here you can see the status of any flights in progress.

We have also added some external flight tracking and pilot flight data links where a pilot can view current flights in progress or access past pilot activity.

Current Flights

Pilot Flt No Orig Dest Acf Online Status
Recent Arrivals
Steve Waldhalm PVT1212 KGIC 1U1 B412 Arrived
Doug Stewart BYO551 KSFO KSMF BE33 Arrived
Caleb Thigpen PVT1957 KDTW CYYZ BE20 Arrived
Roy White CAX9924 KTPA KFLL B738 Arrived
Caleb Thigpen PVT1735 KMOD AZ50 PC12 Arrived
Marco Sa PVT1213 SBRF SBCV C172 Arrived
Patrick Tierney CAX1812 CYUL KPHL B738 Arrived
Kip Bean PVT1281 KBOS KMHT C172 Arrived
Mark Meunier PVT989 EGLC EGLL C182 Arrived
Davin Bennett FSE9023 WABB WAYY DHC6 Arrived
Charles Berry CAX7477 PHOG PHLI B738 Arrived
Davin Bennett BYO1842 RPVM RPLL B738 Arrived
Davin Bennett FSE9022 RCFN RCYU KODI Arrived
Davin Bennett FSE9021 RCYU RCFN KODI Arrived
Caleb Thigpen CAX1817 KDTW CYYZ B190 Arrived