So... You want to be an airline pilot.

We are pleased that you are interested in applying to become a pilot for California Airlines (CAX). Cal Air is one of the most active and popular X-Plane based Virtual Airlines.

The Minimum Age to join California Airlines is 13 years old.

We are always looking for good pilots, but we do have a high standard that must be met before acceptance. Even after approval has been granted, all Cal Air pilots, including new recruits, must maintain the required level of flight activity in order to remain on active status.

Please read the Pilot Orientation and Regulations HERE

Below is the Application Form and Questionnaire that must be completed and submitted. Please be thorough and accurate when filling them out. A member of management will review the application and respond to you shortly

California Airlines is a global VA with 20 Base of Operations worldwide. The bases fill quickly, and you may choose from any open Base.

Please Note :

While not required, it is expected that you are already familiar with the X-Plane simulator, and can at least download and install aircraft, start-up, taxi, take-off, fly around, and land the aircraft.

If an exciting career at California Airlines sounds appealing you, please continue by submitting the Pilot Application.

Good Luck.

Brent Bain, Owner of California Airlines.

    Regional Base of Operations    
1. Canada - USA - Caribbean: ( CYUL - CYVR - KORD - KJFK - KMCO - KDFW - KLAX - KSFO - TNCM )
2. Europe - Africa - South America: ( EBBR - EGLL - LGAV - UUDD - FAOR - SBGR )
3. Middle East - Asia - Oceania ( OMDB - WSSS - ZSPD - PHNL - YMML )
Pilot Application & Questionnaire

First Name:

Last Name:    

Date of Birth (YYYY-MM-DD):


Email Address:


Re-enter Email Address:


If your Country is NOT listed above, enter it here:


Please choose your Base of Operations, Please note that not all of our Base of Operations may be open to New Pilots at this time:


Where did you hear about us?


How did you become interested in Aviation?


X-Plane version:


Computer Platform:


VATSIM ID (if any):





Once your application is approved,

You will receive a New Pilot Information Pack within a few days welcoming you to Cal Air.